"I have been seeing Erika for Rolfing for over 4 years. Initially, I chose her because of her price, location, and availability.  I keep going back to her because she provides gentle, compassionate, and knowing care.  She can often tell what I need just by observation, but she is also a very good communicator.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone needing a healing touch."

M.S, Fort Collins​

"I just wanted to say thank you again for the session yesterday. I have noticed today that I’m far more relaxed and my energy level is high. It sure makes multi-tasking so much easier. I can feel it in my mind and body, and I must say the deep tissue work didn’t leave me with any sore muscles. To put it in Aikido terms, I feel like I am extending my Ki (same as the Chinese notion of chi) into the world around me. My focus and peace are in harmony. Thank you for your magic touch!" 

F.S., Fort Collins

"As a Family Nurse Practitioner interested in an integrated approach to healthcare, I consider Erika's Rolfing care to be an essential part of my own health care.  I love the way I feel after sessions with her.  I really feel like myself again!!" 

T.A, Fort Collins ​

"I signed on for the 10-Step Treatment, and frankly it's one of the best things I've done to promote healing. Each step focused on a specific aspect of the body. I could feel a very positive difference almost immediately. In fact, one of the effects I noticed was a "tingling alertness" -- that's the best way I can think to describe it -- after each of several sessions, which I interpret as an opening up, an unblocking of energy pathways that were bound up by the old injuries I sought to address.


I recently completed the 10-Step Rolfing treatment, and I continue to say the outcome has been fantastic! I definitely advocate Rolfing as a treatment protocol, and recommend Erika's practice specifically, for other readers who may wish to address the healing of their injuries or discomforts. I will maintain a periodic "tune-up" schedule with Erika and Evolve Rolfing, and I highly recommend Erika's practice to others!"

M.H, Wellington

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